Can I Test My Horse For Eee Antibodies

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Horse Antibody Laboratories manufactures the can i test my horse for eee antibodies reagents distributed by Genprice. The Can I Test My Horse For Eee Antibodies reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact horse Antibody. Other Can products are available in stock. Specificity: Can Category: I Group: Test My

Test My information

Rat Calcineurin (CaN) ELISA Kit

RD-CaN-Ra-96Tests 96 Tests
EUR 742

Human Calcineurin (CaN) ELISA Kit

RDR-CaN-Hu-48Tests 48 Tests
EUR 522

Human Calcineurin (CaN) ELISA Kit

RDR-CaN-Hu-96Tests 96 Tests
EUR 724

Mouse Calcineurin (CaN) ELISA Kit

RDR-CaN-Mu-48Tests 48 Tests
EUR 534

Mouse Calcineurin (CaN) ELISA Kit

RDR-CaN-Mu-96Tests 96 Tests
EUR 742

Rat Calcineurin (CaN) ELISA Kit

RDR-CaN-Ra-48Tests 48 Tests
EUR 558

Rat Calcineurin (CaN) ELISA Kit

RDR-CaN-Ra-96Tests 96 Tests
EUR 776


B6301-10 10 mg
EUR 224


B6301-25 25 mg
EUR 441


B6301-5 5 mg
EUR 154


HY-100933 10mg
EUR 187

Shikari (Q-CAN) Canakinumab (Ilaris)Free drug ELISA kit

CAN-FD-ILA 1x96-wells test plate
EUR 878
Description: Enzyme Immunoassay for detection of freeCanakinumab (Ilaris) in human serum and plasma samples.

NATtrol Zika Virus Stock (Qualitative) (1 mL)

EUR 1106.64
  • What is the product classification?
  • NATtrol Zika Virus Stock Qualitative is marked as RUO.
Description: Please contact Gentaur in order to receive the datasheet of the product.

Pseudorabies Virus Antibodies Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal gold)

abx092026-50tests 50 tests
EUR 321
  • Shipped within 5-12 working days.

Canine Parvovirus Antibodies Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal gold)

abx092032-40tests 40 tests
EUR 356
  • Shipped within 5-12 working days.

Rabies Virus Antibodies Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal gold)

abx092033-40tests 40 tests
EUR 356
  • Shipped within 5-12 working days.

ELISA kit for Horse COL1 (Collagen Type I)

ELK8222 1 plate of 96 wells
EUR 526
  • A monoclonal antibody specific to Collagen Type I (COL1) has been pre-coated onto a microplate. A competitive inhibition reaction is launched between biotin labeled Collagen Type I (COL1) and unlabeled Collagen Type I (COL1) (Standards or samples) wi
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Description: A competitive Inhibition ELISA kit for detection of Collagen Type I from Horse in samples from blood, serum, plasma, cell culture fluid and other biological fluids.